Calculator Fund Raising

By Rene




Calculator Project


     Last January’s CNHS 1975 reunion in the Philippines afforded me the opportunity to visit our alma mater.  Together with our batch mates, Estelita (It) Llacuna, Almerita (Sinlao) Castillo, Ernie Avila, Vinia (Cajilis) Avila, Gilbert Pingue and Amerfino Aquipel,  we took a tour of our beloved school.  As expected, our school’s appearance is not what it used to be.  There are so many things that need improvement - the roof, for instance are leaking.  We’ve been told that during rainy months, only half of the room can be used.  in addition, due to lack of computers, only a couple of section can participate in a computer programming course - leaving a majority of the students with no computer programming exposure.  This will then make it tough for them to compete when they take college level computer sources.

     But what astounded me most was the fact that the school with 3000 students only has 7 scientific calculators.  As Mrs Jovita Ramirez, of the Math Department explained it,  the students have to share these 7 calculators among themselves by checking it out from the Math Department on a first come basis to do their math and science assignments.

     It is for this reason that Susan Raquel Pena requested  CNHS Class 1975 - USA Chapter to  initiate a drive to raise funds to purchase a number of Scientific Calculators for CNHS Faculty and students use.  We appealed for help from friends and batch mates in accomplishing our goal of procuring many calculators for the CNHS students.

      On July 30, 2008,  this wish became a reality.   Our Cavite City counterparts headed by Jessie Barrera delivered sixty (60) calculators to Cavite National High School during a turnover ceremony witnessed by some parents and teachers.   These calculators will surely help enrich the minds of many students.  

     We would like to thank the following batch mates and friends who supported this project:      

Amer Aquipel

Susan Amaranto Magsakay

Estelita " IT " Llacuna

Susan Raquel Pena

Rene Prudente

Bernie & Benni Miranda

Ernie & Vinia Avila

Almer Sinlao Castillo

 Evangeline Herrera Valenzuela

 Dick and Potsie Raquel

 Medy and Rey Cachuela

 Eva Banez Tumbucon

 Ferdinand Cate

 Fernando Sepe

 Ceasar & Gigi Ricasata

 Susan Pacifico

 Jane Basye

 Grace Sasoy de Castro

 Jocelyn Penarubia Andrews

Edna Herrera Pope

Gene Arias




  1. good day po . tatanong ko lang po sna kung may scholarship project po kau para po sa mga college student?tnx po.

    Comment by anjielyn — September 11, 2010 @ 2:24 pm

  2. Greetings!

    In behalf of the CNHS Math Department and the students, I would like to thank your Batch for the calculators. Indeed, the Calculator project is for the benefit of the students who can’t afford to buy their own calculators. It also serves as a necessary tool to complete their Mathematics and Science experience. Your support for the school is greatly appreciated.

    The Math Department is knocking on your hearts once again if you could help us improve our means of making our reports and computing for the students’ grades. We are hoping to have a computer to improve the efficiency and speed in our calculations. Instead of a desktop, we have decided that a laptop would be more useful since we can create presentations and use it in class. We can use it during programs as well since it is portable.

    We would like to thank you in advance if you could make a way to make this request a reality.

    God bless!

    Sincerely yours,

    Jovie Avelino-Ramirez
    CNHS Math Department
    Class ‘70

    Comment by Jovie Avelino-Ramirez — October 2, 2009 @ 7:45 am

  3. To all CNHS Batch ‘75:

    In behalf of all the administrators, teachers, and students of CNHS, I would like to thank you for the 60 SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS that you’ve donated! The students now have additional learning materials that they could share among themselves that would help them in their quest for knowledge. Thank you so much for your continuous support to our alma mater!

    God bless!

    Mrs. Jovita A. Ramirez

    Comment by MRS. JOVITA RAMIREZ — September 12, 2008 @ 5:48 pm

  4. Count me in…..siguro I will donate 5 calculators.


    Comment by Jane Basye — April 19, 2008 @ 6:04 am

  5. Good day,

    Ref, Indeed it will be an honor to join together with your fine cause.

    Kindly e-mail me how I can go forward in sending my humble contribution to the foundation.



    Comment by Captain-Eik — April 19, 2008 @ 6:00 am

  6. Hello!

    Help is on the way.

    Thanks always for taking care of our young people.

    Let’s Thank you God for blessing us to bless other people.


    Bernie and Benny Miranda

    Comment by Bernie and Benny Miranda — April 19, 2008 @ 5:53 am

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